Far As Al Lipscomb's Concerned, Jury Oughta "Dump" Case Against Don Hill and Others, Feds Should Apologize to Fantroy's Wife

Once again, we found former council member Al Lipscomb in the courtroom at the City Hall corruption trial yesterday, and he predicted the jury will "dump" the case.

"The jury's gonna say, 'You've taken our time up on all this crap here. There's a hell of a lot of involvement. We don't know. They've all taken money, so let's go home. Let's go home,'" he told Unfair Park after Thursday's anticipated testimony from former Mayor Laura Miller, which concluded this morning.

We asked if he thought there is anything criminal about the actions of the defendants.

"No one got hurt. No one died."

His reaction to Miller's testimony?

"The money that Ms. Miller has been involved in, God Almighty!"

So, to be clear, everyone's innocent?

"Who's guilty of what? How can one man convince 13 people and a mayor, plan commission members -- all of that? That man can't do that. No one man can."

We kindly reminded Lipscomb that he should know better, especially when it comes to zoning cases. Don't other council members defer to the council member whose district is impacted nearly every time?


Most of the time?

Lipscomb proceeded to inform us that he had no idea "what the hell" James Fantroy was doing as his plan commissioner, and then he offered up some advice for the government.

"The feds oughta apologize to the jury, and to Don Hill, Ms. Miller, D'Angelo Lee and everyone involved. And they should especially apologize to Ms. Fantroy for dragging her dead husband's name through the mud."

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