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Fed Up in Farmers Branch

Simmering pot: We live in a melting pot of cultures which in itself creates misunderstanding and intolerance. Through my travels in the United States I have encountered examples of this intolerance toward me. Example: One afternoon I pulled off the freeway for a soft drink at McDonald's. As I walked toward the restaurant I became surrounded by local residents. At that moment I realized this was going to get real ugly at my expense. As the knife was drawn I punched my auto door unlocked and bolted to the vehicle. Reverse was not an option, so over the sidewalk and curb I went, back on the freeway, never to return. In hindsight this was my fault for making the decision to stop in Detroit for refreshment. My point here is that misunderstanding and intolerance will occur everywhere in every culture.

Hispanics are not alone in their desire for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The best weapon for advancement is education for all cultures. We tend to ignore or condemn the things we don't understand or that are different.


Readers respond to "Splitsville," "Tone Deaf," more

Bringing this back home to why I wrote this note: The event I attended last night made a great impact on myself, a white male, and my significant other, a Hispanic female. We attended the Farmers Branch Town Hall Meeting, and the issue was ordinances restricting illegal aliens and establishing English as the official language in Farmers Branch ("Splitsville," by Megan Feldman, November 2). Whether I agree or disagree is not the point here. What I witnessed was local residents not willing to accept the culture that surrounds them and the Hispanic culture not willing to educate themselves on the laws that bind them.

The Farmers Branch City Council had made their decision well before the meeting that night. The Hispanics in the crowd thought by protesting they could change the council's mind. That is not how it works in U.S. government. If laws need to be changed, a citizen must be a participant of the Democratic process through education and involvement. The laws are changed from within, not through opinion and disgruntlement.

Steven Baumgartner

Farmers Branch

Dirty politics: What is the real reason some Christians in Farmers Branch are persecuting the "illegal" Mexican immigrants? And calling them "dirty"? Who are they to judge? For in the eyes of God, who are the bigger criminals? Those who break an unjust law of Caesar which denies them their God-given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Or those who break the just law of God which gives them this right?

Who are the truly "dirty" people? Those who do not keep their homes and lawns very clean? Or those who have allowed their souls to become covered with dirt? A layer so thick it discourages the Holy Spirit to enter and to cleanse it of hatred, bigotry, racism and the rest of that filth.

Talk about God: Do ye of a dead faith without works (James 2:14-26) know that sometime in the future there will be a day of judgment? On that day the Lord God will judge all the nations. Those who provided him—in the person of a very poor man—with food, clothing, shelter and more will inherit heaven. The rest will be cast into hell (Matthew 25:31-46).

From what it says in the Holy Bible and what is happening in Farmers Branch, that city, if it stays the course, will end up in hell. Repent!

Louis Urenda


There She Goes Again

Mayor Diva: Laura Miller was not very forthcoming, was she, Jim, in her response to your question about flood control not being a "pony ride"? ("Tone Deaf," by Jim Schutze, November 9.) No, it's more like a "dog-and-pony" show. It's not about flood control. It's always been about decorating the Trinity River with those damn bridges! The funds voted on in 1998 were not to be used for that purpose. Later in your article she said that her husband, Steve Wolens, said she was stupid for not pushing for this big-ticket item. My question is this, Laura: Are you stupid, dishonest or both? My second question is this: If you value your husband's opinion so damn much, how come you aren't using his last name? Over and out from North Dallas.

Richard Krause


Borat on Rock and Roll

Hail to the hillbillies: Thanks for your paper print on September 29, 2006, about Madam Helen Hall under the pen of Robert Wilonsky ("Something Special," Unfair Park). I have myself written about Helen and others Rockabilly/Hillbilly performers. Did you know, Tillman Franks (who worked with Helen) passed away on 26th October 2006 in Shreveport? Tillman, longtime manager/bull fiddle bass player for J. Horton, offered Helen to work at the Louisiana Hayride in the '50s. If you are interested about how a French teenager came with Hillbilly Bop music in the mid-'70s and how it lead him to be friend with Helen Hall, Tillman Franks, Jimmy Lee Fautheree or Bobby Crown to name a few, just drop me an e-mail.

Monsieur Anglares Dominique

Brest R'n'R Appreciation Society



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