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"Down and Dirty Developers Want Into the Inner City," by Jim Schutze, April 10

Fighting for the Fiefdom

Jim Schutze, you have done it again. I read the DMN editorial on fiefdoms and was ready to fall in with that notion. I should've known better, especially as an East Dallasite myself, here since the '80s.


East Dallas

Our zoning overlay meetings for the Stonewall area appeared to be halted by neighbors who supposedly wanted to make small changes in our variances. Ha! Meanwhile, the scrape/McMansion builders keep changing our settled little neighborhood into some mish-mashed, period-look-alike monsters. This is MY pet project too, and if I had wanted to live in a damn suburban development, I'd have moved to one.

I also know from our contractors who were gutting and renovating the inside of our house last year that "they don't build 'em like mine anymore." I have watched the construction on these new places, and believe me, these will be falling apart in no time. I really feel for the folks who buy them—and for all of us who will find ourselves next door to the "new slums."

Thanks, Jim, for the clear-eyed view once again. And I will continue to fight for our "fiefdom" and Angela Hunt.

Sandy Matthews, Dallas

"Haggling Over Who Collects Late Child Support Payments Could Leave Some Kids Without," by Megan Feldman, April 3

Truth Shall Get You Votes

Judge David Hanschen was quoted as saying, "In my court, the truth does not have a statute of limitations. It's just the truth, and if we have the means to know the truth, we should."

Oh, man, I want to vote for this judge! And I want more judges to vote for the truth—no matter how unpopular.

Children need both parents—that's the truth. Ask any child of divorce if he or she would like to have equal access to Mom and Dad.

Don Mathis, Sherman

"Denton Music Deserves Our Attention,"by Pete Freedman, April 10

Lotta love for Little D

DAMN! Finally!! You know, it's not that we have our noses in the air or have any ill feelings toward Dallas. Rather, I'd like to consider ourselves pretty damn laid-back and unpretentious. But you look at it from a Dallas standpoint, and we're all music snobs, right? Completely wrong. One of the problems Denton musicians have is that the Dallas scene IS harder to break in to. How so? Consider this...breaking out into a scene requires "being seen" around town. In the clubs. Where the cool bands are playing. Yadda yadda yadda, right? Well driving down there two nights a week to pay $5-$10 to get into a bar and pay Dallas drink prices just to hang around in the local's just not feasible unless you don't have a job, are supported by a trust fund and have no social life in the town you do live in.

Consider this, all ye citizen rockers of Dallas...Denton IS a bit of a drive. Especially after you've had a few. Nobody wants to drive 36 miles with one eye open. But we do have quite the cool little scene going on up here. With the recent razing of some of Fry Street, a lot of businesses have moved a few blocks up the road to the town square. Some of us jokingly call it the E.D.E.D., the "East Denton Entertainment District." What will you find? How about six live music venues, many assorted bars and eateries and Denton bar prices, all within three blocks of each other! Hailey's, Andy's Bar, J&J's, The Boiler Room, Dan's Silverleaf, Rubber Gloves R.S.! That's a LOT of cool venues, people.

So you want us to come down there and play??!! We LOVE playing down there! We do, but since it's a bit hard to go down there and "be seen," you really don't know who we are until we've bludgeoned Denton to death and decide to trek down there with a following. Don't even get me started on how hard it is to get fans from Denton to drive to Dallas! You walk into a club and don't see a soul watching the band and what do you do? You don't pay the cover and walk out. Don't get me wrong...I LOVE Dallas. I've played it for years with other bands, but it's tough for Denton bands. Give us a chance. You might be surprised!

Greg Altuna, via


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