Finally, Fairfield at Lovers Lane?

Finally, Fairfield at Lovers Lane?

I was looking at the City Plan Commission agenda for today's shindig -- where they're scheduled to vote on renaming Industrial Boulevard to Riverfront Boulevard, which seems so yesterday -- and was surprised to see at the very bottom "Fairfield at Lovers Lane." It's been about six months since last we heard about that mixed-use development bound by East Lovera Lane, Matilda Street, Milton Street and Amesbury Drive. But after months of delays and meetings with city council member Angela Hunt, Fairfield and its reps at Masterplan will once more go before the plan commission with a revised Planned Development zoning application -- and over on its Web site, Fairfield's asking for supporters to show up at City Hall today.

Whether or not the CPC approves the revisions -- and it likely will -- this is scheduled to go before the city council next week. "I'm happy with it," Hunt tells Unfair Park. "I've been working closely with the developer and city staff to address all the issues the neighborhood's concerned about, and I'm pleased with the results." --Robert Wilonsky

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