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First Look at Fair Park's 500-Foot-Tall "Observation Tower Ride" Meant for Midway

It's been almost two years since State Fair of Texas President Errol McKoy began talking about his plans to take a bite out of Six Flags' business by erecting his own monster Top of Texas Centennial Tower on the Midway -- the first part of plans to turn Fair Park into a year-round, or at least summer-long, destination. Since then, it's been rather quiet on that all-the-time State Fair front. But this very afternoon, the Landmark Commission will courtesy-review Good Fulton & Farrell's plans for the tower; you too can sneak a peek right here, beginning on Page 95.

Landmark's task force likes what it sees so far -- and "expresses its preference that the adjacent radio tower be removed or relocated." Another look-see, this one from outside the gates of Fair Park, follows. Because nothing clear the head of Super Bowl bad memories faster than conceptual renderings of new things at Fair Park.

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