Flozell Adams: Dirty, Mean or Just Plain Old?

Flozell Adams: Dirty, Mean or Just Plain Old?

Dallas Cowboys' offensive lineman Flozell Adams has been fined four times for $75,000 this season for the transgressions of tripping, fighting and - last Sunday in New York - cheap-shotting the back of Justin Tuck.

The Giants' lineman called Adams a "coward" and a "dirtbag". Former Giant and Fox analyst Michael Strahan labeled Flozell an "idiot." Not surprisingly, Cowboys' head coach Wade Phillips defended his player, saying he is not "vicious."

More importantly, the NFL now considers him a risk. One more oops, and Adams will be suspended at least one game.

"False start, 76, offense" is maddening and Adams' penalites are confounding. But for most of the time during most of the actual plays, Flozell is damn good. As in, when's the last time quarterback Tony Romo got absolutely cold-cocked from his blind side?

I don't think Adams is an elite, Pro Bowl left tackle anymore. But he's certainly not an expendable liability either.

So, what exactly is he?  

A) Dirty

B) Tough

C) Good

D) Bad

E) Done

Tune in to the re-scheduled Jerry Jones show with me and Newy Scruggs on 105.3 The Fan at 10 a.m. today and hear me ask the same question of the Cowboys owner.


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