Fly Southwest, Drive Herb Kelleher: Mayor Submits Street Name for "Texas Legend"

Fly Southwest, Drive Herb Kelleher: Mayor Submits Street Name for "Texas Legend"
Southwest Airlines

Speaking of changes at Love Field ...

Mayor Tom Leppert -- along with council members Delia Jasso and Linda Koop -- yesterday sent a memo to City Manager Mary Suhm proposing that the city change the name of a section of Cedar Springs Road to Herb Kelleher Way. In honor of the co-founder of Southwest Airlines, but of course.

Specifically, the trio want to rename the slab of Cedar Springs that stretches from Mockingbird Lane to Contrail Lane, which is the street just before the airport's parking garages. Says the City Hall release, "The change would be phased in over two years to allow existing businesses to adapt to the change."

"Herb Kelleher is a Texas legend," Leppert says in a statement. "He has not only been the trusted face of Southwest Airlines since its start, he also embodies the entrepreneurial spirit of our city and state. I can't think of a better way to recognize Herb than by naming a street for him at the home base of Southwest Airlines."

I asked Chris Heinbaugh, the mayor's chief of staff, whose idea this was -- and he said that, why, as a matter of fact, it started with Sam Coats, who ran for mayor against Leppert last election cycle. Heinbaugh says Coats has been pushing this for a long while, but Kelleher's always been resistant ... at least, till recently. Officials at Southwest let Leppert know not long ago that, ya know what, maybe now wouldn't be a bad time to resurrect the idea. Hence, the memo to Mary.

The announcement follows.

Kelleher Street Name Change

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