For $15,000, You Too Can Move Your RV Into TMS' Burnout Alley

Texas Motor Speedway announced today it's ditching some 21,022 seats on the backstretch, which'll put the track's total number of butts allowed at right around 138,000. ESPN says it's because of "the economic recession that has affected most tracks which play host to NASCAR events." But TMS president Eddie Gossage has a different take: They ain't gettin' rid of seats, they're adding ... the $2-million Burnout Alley! Which is? Ahem: "74 expansive sites with numerous amenities that will make it the ultimate destination for fans traveling and entertaining in their motorcoaches for NASCAR and IndyCar Series race weeks." In short, for $15,000 per season, you can roll your home into an RV park with a concierge who'll take care of your grocery shopping. Also available in Highland Park. --Robert Wilonsky


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