For Some Reason, Blockbuster's Getting Into the Computer-Selling Business

Just one more item you can pick up at a Blockbuster
Just one more item you can pick up at a Blockbuster

Ever gone to rent a movie when, suddenly, the urge to buy what some consider a so-so netbook just, you know, hit you? If so you'll be tickled with Blockbuster's morning announcement that beginning whenever, the Dallas-based videotailer is stocking the shelves with the Archos 10 netbook, which will sell for $299 -- the same price you can get it for on Amazon, so there is the shipping savings. Endgadget this morning points out the irony of the partnership: "With no optical drive is completely unable to play any of the films you can rent from that same location." Ah, but, see, Friends of Unfair Park will recall that this deal's been in the works for exactly one year -- ever since Blockbuster announced those in-store kiosks to which customers can download movies ... but only to Archos products.

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