For the Same Price, You Could Live on the Urban Reserve or a Creek in Rockport, Maine. Hmmm.

The porch of the Ford Tri-Motor House in the Urban Reserve
The porch of the Ford Tri-Motor House in the Urban Reserve

Thanks to The New York Times, I just spent the last little bit taking a virtual tour of the Dan Shipley-designed 25 Vanguard Way in the Urban Reserve off N. Central Expressway and LBJ Freeway. The Shipley house -- otherwise known as the corrugated Ford Tri-Motor House -- is one of two he planted in the reserve; the other is called Like a Houseboat, which ain't bad neither (though it appears to sit directly on the DART light-rail line).

Anyway. The Times showcases the Ford Tri-Motor House this morning as one of three homes-for-sale in its "What You Get For ..." series. Today's installment: What You Get for $580,000. So, let's see: The Shipley house here. Or: a four-bedroom antebellum plantation in Port Gibson, Mississippi. Or: this three-bedroom ca.-1856 Greek Revival in Rockport, Maine, that sits on what appears to be the most babblingest of brooks and where Friday's high will be 72 degrees.

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