Forest City, Without the Dead Trees

If you want to learn a bit more about Forest City Enterprises, the Cleveland-owned development company getting some $73 mil of city money to redo the Mercantile Building downtown, there are myriad blogs out there detailing its doings elsewhere. Norman Oder's blog, which contains more reporting than a copy of The Dallas Morning News, is chronicling its $3.5 billion Atlantic Yards project in Brooklyn, which has run into more problems than Dwight Gooden. This site contains some similar info; it's just less criminally prolix. A more official site, run by two writers for The Cleveland Plain Dealer, John Kroll and Christopher Montgomery, chronicles the company's every move, including the Merc project. All of them are highly recommended if you wanna know about the folks with whom the city's jumped into bed; betcha the city didn't read one of 'em. --Robert Wilonsky


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