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Four Horsemen of DTS

Beyond the end: I just finished reading Rick Kennedy's article on dispensationalism ("The End Is Near," February 9) and its Dallas roots. I am speechless! I am an evangelical Christian dating from 1970 and was brought up theologically in the system. Many years and many changes later have brought me to a place of being an ex-dispensationalist...I now believe in what I call a "pan" millennium--meaning that in the end, everything will pan out. After all, doesn't David in the Psalms declare that he does not involve himself in matters too difficult for him? How then could I be any different?

Still, I was blown away by how accurately and fairly you presented all viewpoints involved. Not only that, but as a relative newcomer to Dallas, I learned a great deal about how integral this area has been to the "movement." I live precisely one mile from Scofield Memorial Church and had no clue that it was the Scofield I am so familiar with from my past.


Readers respond to "The End is Near," "Coloring Book," Is This On?

I now am a part of a very moderate group of Baptist rebels better known as Royal Lane Baptist Church and am quite happy with the honest inquiry and discourse that have drawn us together. But your article has been personally beneficial in reviving my own spiritual history in a way that heals old wounds and helps me to understand the dynamics that have brought me up to today.

I have always loved this paper because of its honesty, whether or not we see things exactly the same. You are such a breath of fresh air. Now I have one more reason to be personally grateful. Thank you very much.

Jesse Blankenship


Just live: With respect to Dallas Theological Seminary and their preaching of the "end times," I subscribe to a better plan: LIVE!

For all of us, each breath is an "end time" too. It won't be repeated.

LIVE, be a good neighbor, a good citizen. Be a great father and family man. Be a man for others.

Then the end times that DTS preaches to those who listen will not be applicable to you.

Jim Hairston


Fair and balanced: Thank you for the fair and balanced article on DTS and dispensationalism. As a member of Scofield Memorial Church, I was braced for a very biased piece of journalism. It was a nice surprise to find the opposite.

You obviously attended Scofield at least once (you knew that Steve Ackley was "nattily dressed"). I'm glad you didn't run into a church full of psychotics screaming like Chicken Little and living for the end!

Deborah Wittrock


The Race Race

Faith deficit: REALLY good article! ("Coloring Book," by Jim Schutze, February 2.) My opinion is we could use a good African-American district attorney to instill some faith in the office from the black community, whether the lack thereof is warranted or not. I think the problem is bigger than just Dallas--it's a perceived bigotry in the courts in general. But I live in Collin County, so what do I know? Thanks!

Cynthia Jackson


Impressed With the Fest

Deathly sounds: I was a bit disappointed with your comments about the Dallas Music Festival (Is This On?, by Sam Mackovech, February 2). Some of your statements were disturbing. It only seemed apparent to me that you are a fan of hip-hop and not the dark heavy-metal scene. While I do not indulge in that lifestyle, I have to say that I was very impressed with many of the sounds that came from the multiple stages across Deep Ellum. Fall of Man was, in fact, one of the better acts. You must remember that these are amateur artists who have had no formal training in theatrics and yet they are onstage giving it their all. You are obviously not someone who should be commenting on music just because you didn't have a good time. How did the people react to the music? I believe everyone around me was having a blast, and I was at the front of the stage when Fall of Man played. They rocked, and the crowd loved them.

C'mon--it is death metal. You can't expect it to have too many changing riffs and catchy bass lines--that isn't what death metal is about. Bear in mind that your readers also know you are trying to make a name for yourself, and it seems that you are trying to do so in a Hunter S. Thompson style by writing exactly what you feel. News flash, what worked for him isn't working for you. When you talk about fart and puke, it doesn't really get any point across except that you are so unoriginal that all your IQ will allow you is to use these juvenile terms.

Michael Bridwell



In the February 2 review of the Dallas Music Festival, Sam Machkovech incorrectly identified a band performing at the fest as Egypt Central. The band did not perform during its scheduled slot; a replacement band did. We apologize for the error.


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