Frank Campagna Says Good-Bye to An Old Friend

A Friend of Unfair Park this morning directed our attention to Amanda Newman's Web site, Boca Tinta, which in turn directed our attention to a terrific mini-documentary made by local art-makin' great Frank Campagna. It's a nine-minute short film about the famous Deep Ellum gateway known as the Good Latimer tunnel -- a victim of progress, as it's being removed to make way for the DART Green Line 27-mile extension that runs from Pleasant Grove to Carrollton.

Part of the bridge and tunnel will be donated to Preservation Dallas once it's all gone, but Campagna, who's had a signficant hand in making the thing a work of art, prefers to remember it the way it was -- and the way it shoulda stayed, at least for those who had "Tunnelvision." Here's the video, which provides a nice eulogy to yet another famous local landmark reduced to rubble. --Robert Wilonsky


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