Free Jenny

Free Jenny

Thank goodness Margaret Morin hasn't given up on Jenny—without hope, there often is nothing. If Jenny knows, she appreciates it.

Morin has a wonderful vision for Jenny, and she won't give up. We need more people like Morin who fight for what is right, even when the system is designed against what is right. Failure is giving up. Keep fighting. Jenny is worth every bit.



Tessa McKenna, via

Yes, the council can retire Jenny, and they should. For 22 years she has been trapped in a quarter-acre, mind-numbingly boring pen. Jenny is not your easygoing elephant, and even the zoo's planned 4- to 5-acre area will be too close for comfort for an elephant like Jenny to share with three to five other elephants. She needs the expertise and the 300 natural acres that The Elephant Sanctuary can provide disturbed elephants like Jenny.

Lisa from Dallas, via

It's time to end Jenny's suffering and let her live in peace, with space to roam, as elephants should. It's a just and reasonable cause and a battle worth fighting.

Linda Scullary from New Braunfels, via

I was disappointed to learn that the Dallas City Council has approved a multimillion-dollar expansion for its elephant exhibit at the zoo when the Dallas budget deficit is at least $100 million. How does the Dallas City Council explain spending all this money when it is needed desperately elsewhere? In the best interest of Jenny and the citizens of Dallas, the economical thing to do is simply move Jenny to The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee.

Zoos are educational tools that should benefit the animals as well as the people that see them. If there are to be zoos, then all animals need to be treated in a humane way; that means more than enough room to move around, enough food and good medical care—also a stress-free environment.

Kathryn Sansone from Lindenhurst, via

Thank you for keeping Jenny's story in your sight. And thanks to Margaret and all the members of the Concerned Citizens for Jenny for not giving up on her. None of them have anything to gain from it and have dedicated countless hours to her cause.

The actions and decision of the Dallas Zoo director, on the other hand, should prove to anyone paying attention that zoos have no interest in the welfare of the animals they keep, beyond making sure they are a good draw to bring people in. Their treatment of Jenny is unconscionable, and the fact that they are allowed to bring more elephants into their care (and I use that term loosely) should make all of us step back and look at the laws regulating zoos.

As for the Dallas City Council, well...let's just say I'm glad I don't live there. When a city council is that unresponsive and uncaring about an issue that has touched so many of its citizens, it's time for them to go.

Stacy Smith from Flower Mound, via

I had never picketed in my life nor spoken at any city council meeting anywhere. Jenny's plight moved me so that I did both. Margaret has been dogged in her efforts to help poor Jenny retire to The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. Thank goodness there are those like Margaret who believe people should act with compassion toward animals and who work tirelessly toward that end. There has to be something wrong with the council members and mayor who listen but refuse to hear the logical reasons this intelligent and troubled creature should be retired from a lifetime jail sentence. Thank you too for continuing to run stories and supporting the move to let Jenny go to Tennessee!

Wanda from Plano, via

Poor Jenny, she should be allowed the dignity and enjoyment of retiring to the sanctuary. There is no way that extended exhibit will be done on time. Meanwhile, we have two troubled elephants "squeezed" into a small space.

Jani from Dallas, via


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