Free Movie, Free Wine -- Outside Too!

Free Movie, Free Wine -- Outside Too!

I dunno, but this sounds like a pretty good deal: a free movie under the stars, with gratis cocktails provided by a winemaker eager for good press to go along with the good buzz. If you've no plans tomorrow night, Arts Fighting Cancer and Castello di Gabbiano Winery are hosting a "Lone Star Drive In" tomorrow night at Lee Park. Gates open at 7 p.m., after which time Gabbiano will start pouring its wine during a free tasting. Then an hour later you'll get to see Cinema Paradiso, which kind of tastes like a very sweet white wine anyway.

The "Gabbiano Nights" series -- which is taking place only here and in Santa Monica, California -- will run through September: On the 20th, you'll get Moonstruck, followed a week later by The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. So bring a blanket -- and if you want, rent a chair for a few bucks, with the money going to cancer research. And picnic baskets are permitted -- and why not, since someone else is providing the vino. Cheap date much? But, really, no Sideways? --Robert Wilonsky

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