From 1900, a Pawn Shop on Main Street

From 1900, a Pawn Shop on Main Street
Courtesy Justin Cozart

Friend of the show Justin Cozart likes to show off his estimable collection of faded photos of late, great Dallas landmarks, always a welcome respite from the day's breaking news. But over the weekend he posted pictures of a particularly personal nature: exteriors and interiors from his family's businesses, among them this ye olde cigar shoppe and soda fountain on Grand Ave.

But pictured here you'll find his ... lemme make sure I get this right ... his great grandmother's great uncle's pawn shop on Main Street, circa 1900. Sure 'nuff, there it is on Page 285 of the Worley's 1901 Dallas City Directory. Here's the poster-sized version. Looks like a publicity still from an upcoming HBO series or Martin Scorsese movie.

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