From The Tobolowsky Files, Genius

From The Tobolowsky Files, Genius

Much thanks to Friend of Unfair Park "Mike," who, in the comments to the Greggo item below, directs our attention to a podcast by a certain Kimball High School and SMU grad best known, perhaps, as Ned Ryerson. He's been at it for two months, looks like, but Stephen Tobolowsky's Tobolowsky Files, hosted by /film, is a must-download from the snippets I've had a chance to listen to this afternoon. (I started with last week's Christmas story, which is a sort-of sequel to Episode Seven, so it pays to listen in order.)

The second episode, last month's "Local Hero," deals in a roundabout way with some childhood memories -- among them, going to see Davy Crockett at the Majestic or the Tower, he can't recall which -- but the man's one hell of a storyteller regardless of subject or setting. Which is why I've seen Stephen Tobolowsky's Birthday Party more times than I'd care to admit.

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