Genghis Grill Now Cookin' With Gas

Genghis Grill Now Cookin' With Gas

Dallas-based Genghis Grill has some seven locations in the DFW, with another 10 scattered across the country; says here the company started franchising in 2001. But Jeff Sinelli's 9-year-old Mongolian barbecue chain, originally known as Genghis Khan's Mongolian Feast before Sinelli took ownership in 1998, is about to get a major boost in that department: Reports FastCasual, Genghis Grill is making an enormous push into Houston, after signing a "10-unit franchise agreement with Mongolian Dining Venture LLC."

The major news here: Mongolian Dining Venture LLC is being led by Frank Carney, who's better known as the founder of Pizza Hut in 1957 with his brother Dan. Carney's also well-known as the man who, by 2001, owned 133 Papa John's Pizza locations across the country. So, yeah, he's a good guy with whom to partner. --Robert Wilonsky

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