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Geritol Jump-shooters

Take it from one of us who believes you only get better with age ("Oldies but Greaties," by Richie Whitt, December 20). Thank you sincerely for a great tale. For a change, we should all read of proud men who play for the love of the game. Good to see this mature perspective in the Dallas Observer for a change.

Frank L., via


senior athletes

Voodoo Economics

It's ironic that Schutze is calling other people stupid when he screws up basic math. Inflation is compounded year to year, not added. So the cumulative figure for the years given is roughly 50 percent, not the 43 percent stated ("Slow Train Coming," by Jim Schutze, December 20). Next thing you know, he'll be saying a drainage ditch is a good place to build a park.

Oh, never mind...

Bill, via


Deep Ellum could be a great hot spot in Dallas if the entire Dallas City Council would pull their heads out ("Deep Addison," by Andrea Grimes and Matt Pulle, December 20). I and several of my friends would love to spend more time and money in Deep Ellum, but getting back out of there is not cost-effective. What I mean by that is that the last train runs at 11 p.m., most people don't go out until 9 p.m. and the clubs don't close until 2 a.m. With gas prices up, it is too expensive to have someone drive us down there and then come pick us up. And also too expensive to take a taxi. They should have one or two late trains leaving at 2:30 a.m. and 3 a.m. to help people out of the area. They could have extra security on these trains as well to help keep those who might be rowdy calm and in their place.

The money earned and the publicity the city of Dallas would get for ensuring that people can have fun and get home safely would help promote the area greatly. We have a lot of business people that come into town and stay at hotels close to the DART lines. They often ask us where they can go to have a good time. We always have to keep them close to here because of the expense.

The city has done nothing but go downhill. I have lived in the area all my life and remember when Dallas was the place to go. Maybe someday it will be again.

Bobby, via

Miss Potty Mouth

Hey Ginger, want me to call DPS from a pay phone and sing "Have Yourselves a Shitty Little Christmas" (Buzz, by Patrick Williams, December 20)? I'll do it, just say "the word."

"Marlen Darlin," via

Carol Reed's Boo-boos

Well, I guess all that money sometimes dulls one's brain ("Bring It On," by Matt Pulle, December 13). Rob Allyn has apparently forgotten when his candidate for mayor was Jim Buerger. Does anyone remember a Mayor Buerger? Didn't think so. Hey, wait—and that race is the one that Carol didn't win either—afraid to take the race because it would ruin her Republican credentials since Fred Meyer was in the race.

Oh yeah, I won that one.

Lorlee, via

Goodbye, Greg

I too miss Greg and hope that he can get himself together ("Hammered," by Richie Whitt, November 22). While I do agree that he does owe a lot of stars and athletes an apology for the way he "dogged them out" because of drug use, I'm pretty sure he won't be the first one to cast judgment on another human being again. I also agree with a lot of the other writers who don't like the snake. I hate that forced humor he is always throwing down on the show. I will always believe the show took a huge nosedive when he joined the crew. And as others have said, don't trust him either. I still believe the little backstabber had it out for Chris, Expo and most likely Greg. Hurry home, Greg, as this P1 sista does miss you and I've about had my fill of Corby and Rhyner. I do like Danny and Ty, however.

Barbara Webb, DeSoto


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