Get Down, Brother Jim

Robert, as for your friend who thinks a Memphis-style rock-and-soul museum would be better for Dallas than the Calatrava bridges, and with all due respect for the "Calatrava Blues" song he offers, I think he fails to understand the true soul of Dallas. If you want to hear Dallas from the heart, please imagine my own composition, offered below, as performed by three Preston Hollow Hummer moms, accompanied by their own children on Suzuki violins:

Calatrava, la la la Calatrava, la la la Tell the driver, tour the bridges Fabulous, up above the pidges, Arty-farty, Euro-smarty, manufactured mountain ridges! Calatrava, la la la Calatrava, la la la Oh, look down in the little ditch! Don't we see a brownie fish? Lacy fancy mountain ridges, doubters were all ho's and bidges. Calatrava, la la la Calatrava, la la la. --Jim Schutze


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