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"Elephantitis," by Sam Merten, December 4

Get With the Times

I just finished reading the article about the Dallas County Republican Party. Tony Goolsby is quoted as saying, "the Republican Party must stop talking about being the party of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan and start being more inclusive." The Republicans talk about Reagan like he was the second coming. Reagan was nothing special except when compared to other Republican presidents—like the one we have now, or Nixon, or Pappy Bush.


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But I digress. Later in the article, County Chair [Jonathan] Neerman is quoted as saying, "if we would have had Elvis Presley on the ticket, I'm not sure it would really have mattered." Does Neerman know that Elvis has been dead for 25 years? That is the problem with the Republicans. They want to live in the past with Elvis and Ronald Reagan.

As a Democrat, that is fine with me, but someday they are going to have to join us in the 21st century. Like it or not.

Deborah Lewis, Garland

"Buzz," by Patrick Williams, December 4

Bang, Bang

Interesting read, but the author fails to admit that the same folks carrying open on occasion most likely are the same ones that carry concealed now—no problems with them.

Good men that carry guns are similar to fellas like 52-year-old Mark Wilson of Tyler, Texas. Mark sacrificed his own life and saved countless others when he confronted a violent felon outside the Smith County Courthouse.

On a hot summer day here in Virginia (not as hot as Texas!) for years we have had thousands of men from every corner of the state enjoying the comfort of open carry—it simply is not an issue.

Good guys with guns are...well, good guys with guns.

Chet Szymecki, Yorktown, Virginia, via

Heaven help you if you ever get carjacked with your child in the car and you have no way to defend yourself. This column says more about your ignorance than anything else. Bad things happen. Don't be prepared for them and you're dead.

George Lyon, Washington, D.C., via

You, Mr. Williams, have a serious disorder. Do you run and hide when you see a police officer with that—gasp—gun on his hip? It is a very serious disorder. Are you also in fear of someone in the parking lot running you over?

Please go get help, never carry a weapon, and please turn in your driver's license and car so that you never go on the murderous rampage you expect from your fellow citizens.

Ed Allen, Virginia, via

What a moron. I guess that Patrick likes to live with his head in the sand, or somewhere else dark. I would "be strapped" at the grocery store, just no one would see it. The current law subjects me to criminal prosecution should my jacket blow open, or other reason that my firearm should be seen. You can thank me for the low crime rate, because the would-be mugger doesn't know you from me on the street, and you can be an easy mark if you want. It's your life.

David Whited, Fort Worth, via

Ignorant trash recycled from Handgun Control Inc. You are not man enough to handle the responsibility of a weapon...we understand that. Now, leave us the heck alone.

Dm, Houston, via

"This Hick Town," by Jim Schutze, December 4

Pay to Play

Poor Mr. Allen. If he had taken the time to survey the political landscape he would have known better than to buy land where he had to deal with the political cesspool that [is] Dallas County and the city of Dallas. The Perot people were smart enough to put Alliance in Tarrant County and then pay their lackeys in Dallas to protect their interest. If you want action in Dallas County or Dallas proper, you have to pay to play.

Roadside, via


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