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"Gimme Shelter," by Megan Feldman, March 12

No sympathy

Cowards. I enlisted before 9/11 and still knew what I was getting into. I have deployed twice, have been in college and taken out of college for military reasons. I have dealt with leaving parents, wife, family, friends, etc.—just like other military personnel. I raised my right hand. Though I may not agree with all the government policies, politics or which war is the right war, I will never leave or forsake my country and duty. She [Kim Rivera] enlisted while the war had been going on for three-plus years. Damn shameful and selfish act. Now see how her family (including kids) deals with the prison time. Instead of saying their mother served with honor, they will say their mother served a sentence with dishonor. Good luck putting food on the table while in jail.



Urban Cowboy, via

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Being a retired Army vet, I feel all deserters should be prosecuted. For whatever reason a person enlists, they know full well they could go to war. They want the benefits but disappear when it's time for them to fulfill their obligation.

However, I do feel they should not be allowed to "draft" people to fight someone else's war or a president's personal war with another country. A draft should only be allowed when the continental United States is being threatened.

The Iraq War was about oil and making Bush and Cheney's friends richer. Iraq was never a threat to the United States. We have the War Powers Act, but Congress and/or the people should be allowed to approve any war.

Paul from Dallas, via

As a veteran of the Iraq War, I can tell you that desertion is only a natural and minuscule variable that the armed forces of the United States deal with. People seem foolishly concerned with desertion, when in all reality the ground situation in Iraq and Afghanistan does not even compare (remotely) to desertion. The people of the United States need to hear about the uneducated, murderous, criminal and foolish actions and attitudes of gold-toothed thugs, white-boy wannabes and empty uniforms that are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. These are the troops that deserve ridicule and shame. Their actions, not deserters' actions, will have dire consequences for the people of the United States in the future. Instead of dissin' on deserters, go give the people who have never signed up or done a tour a hard time.

The United States military has larger fish to fry; you do not need to flee the country or seek asylum. The military's stance is if you do not want to help your unit, we do not want you. The military will not present it that way, yet it is reality. Do not fall for the gimmicks. People who get prison time for desertion also have other and more serious issues.

Although I do not completely agree with desertion, nor do I think it is the correct action to get a ticket out of the military, at least deserters are strong enough to go after what they want in life, rather than falling for bullshit threats from senior enlisted.

E. Warren Carmody from Dallas, via

"Addition by Subtraction," by Richie Whitt, March 12

proper diagnosis?

Big fan of your writing. I hate this kind of B.S. reporting, however. Are you just assuming that T.O. was a locker-room cancer, or do you know for sure—i.e., players have told you? Have you hung around the locker room and observed this cancerous behavior? What is the cancerous behavior? Are you assuming these guys are really reading the paper and watching TV regarding T.O.'s media stuff? If so, I think you give the media way too much credit. Have you seen him tell Marion Barber "make sure you get yours"? I'm no T.O. lover. I think the guy's bad news. But I don't know for sure. I think bad news is Tony Romo skipping around Hollywood and getting on TMZ. Your article seems to indicate that T.O. was the end all, be all cause of failure for the team, and now that he's gone everything is going to be one big church picnic in the locker room. I just want some evidence that this is true. If it's just your opinion from 30,000 feet, then let us know.

jimmayjvf, via

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