Gone Daddy Gone

Gone daddy gone: Constable Mike Dupree, who became the subject of scorn and ridicule after this paper reported his own loopy story of how he had his ex-boyfriend deported to Honduras, is mired in another sex scandal that seems to have cost him his job. Three of Dupree's deputies have given affidavits to Dallas County claiming the constable sexually harassed them.

Dallas County Commissioner Ken Mayfield, who has seen the affidavits, says that they describe the constable touching them inappropriately and asking them on dates. All three of the deputies are young Hispanic males, just like Dupree's ex-boyfriend.

"From everything I've seen, he is a sexual predator," Mayfield says. "These three people are going to be plaintiffs in a removal action."


Mike Dupree

That may be a moot point. On Tuesday, Dupree packed up his office into a U-Haul and drove away. At the Dallas Observer's press time, no one knew if he had officially resigned.

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"He did get his stuff out of his office," says Dupree's Chief Deputy Robert McIntyre, although he did not know if his boss had quit.

Meanwhile, Mayfield tells Buzz that the three deputies came forward with their allegations not long after the Observer published three stories on how the Dallas County Constable arranged to have 20-year-old Angel Martinez deported to Honduras. In an unusual interview, Dupree, who is openly gay, claimed that he had a sexual relationship with Martinez, which he said ended only when both of them decided they wanted more of a father-son relationship. But Dupree says that the young man mysteriously turned from an avid listener of Christian music to a drug dealer. So when Dupree found out that Martinez had a warrant for his arrest on a pair of traffic charges, his office apprehended the young Honduran and put an immigration hold on him for his own good.

Martinez and two others contradicted Dupree's story, saying the constable had him arrested only after Martinez spurned his advances and took up with a stripper. Martinez's girlfriend, who now works as a loan officer, agreed that Dupree acted merely out of jealousy. "I would tell Angel, 'He doesn't act like your dad. He acts like your girlfriend.'"

Interestingly, at least one of the deputies who have accused Dupree of sexual harassment say that the constable also referred to him as being like a son, even as he was making sexual advances. It's a new kind of relationship: Father-son, with benefits.

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