Former Observer writer Adam Pitluk's new book is due in May.

Good Night, and Good Pitluk.

Got a copy of the forthcoming book

Standing Eight: The Inspiring Story of Jesus "El Matador" Chavez Who Became Lightweight Champion of the World

, which bears a cumbersome title worthy of this criminally prolix blog. But more important, the book, which Da Capo Press is publishing in May, was written by Adam Pitluk, a former


staffer who actually

told the tale of El Matador in these very pages

during his stint here. Mazel tov, of course, to our old pal--and, of course, we take no offense to the fact that his book bio contains no mention at all of his former employer:

"Adam Pitluk is a contributor to Time magazine and has written for People and the Dallas Morning News, among other publications. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, he now lives in Dallas, Texas."

Ah, how I have always loved working for "other publications." Now that I've read the back cover, guess it's time to read what's inside. Right after I finish this. --Robert Wilonsky


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