Google Gets New "No Shit, Sherlock" Function

In case you're wondering, Dallas is obsessed with weight loss, trucks and gay cowboys. That's what we here at Unfair Park have uncovered after a good half-hour of research on Google's best new time-waster,

Google Trends

. Just enter a word. Any word. Or a phrase. Any phrase. "Bill Parcells," for example. According to Google Trends, "Bill Parcells" is most searched for in Richardson, followed by Plano. Here's what else we've learned: Dallas is very interested in "cowboy hats," "sweating," "bull riding," "country music," "beauty pageants," "pussy," "barbeque," "titties," "Superman," "barrel racing," "Baptists," "grillz," "topless bars," "NASCAR" and "Mexicans." And in case you're wondering, "poon" is most searched for in Hong Kong.

--Jesse Hyde

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