Greg Williams Has "Resigned" From The Ticket. And That Is That. Right.

For the final time, Mike Rhyner and Greg Williams -- the twosome formerly known as The Hardline

By now, no doubt, you've noticed that Greg Williams' name and photos have been erased from KTCK-AM's Web site; your beloved (or not) Hardline on The Ticket is now hosted by "Mike Rhyner & Corby Davidson," per the show's page. You need wonder no longer: Williams ain't ever coming back. Ever.

But in case you need further convincing, here, finally, is the official media release from KTCK-AM. The release, which is incredibly anticlimactic, notes only that Williams "has resigned" from the station -- though, of course, it's not that simple. Till such a time as Richie can convince Rhyner, Davidson, Williams and stations execs to go on the record about how a ratings-topping 13-year relationship turned into such a catastrophuck, this will be the last we mention He Who Must Not Be Named. Stay hard, if you can. After the jump, a YouTube tribute sent by a Friend of Unfair Park. --Robert Wilonsky

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