Grinched: We'll be honest. Christmastime isn't exactly Buzz's season. We prefer caustic sarcasm to the mawkish sentimentality, and it's not often when we can combine both in one tidy package. But it happens. Like now, for instance.

See, we received an e-mail from "Two Guys from Dallas, Texas" asking us to write a story about the guys' new Web site, on which they ask everyone in the United States to send them one buck. (No, we're not printing the address.) The site's creators, roommates Rob Momary and Clint Eubanks, figured it would be a joke, a lark, a bit of Internet wit. (They were half right on that last one.) Besides, maybe they'd get rich. So they blasted an e-mail out begging for some media props.

Normally, we'd ignore such a half-assed stab at cleverness--we get about 50 "please-write-about-us-we're-cool" e-mails a week--especially since if you Google the words "send dollar" you'll find quite a few sites with the same theme. Still, it's the holidays, not much going on, so we gave Momary a call. "I kind of wonder who's not willing to give us one buck," said Momary, who was unaware that his panhandling site wasn't the first. All they want, after all, is a measly dollar times 300 million. (Here's a hint about who might not want to kick in a buck: Rhymes with fuzz.)


Rob Momary

Now for the maudlin part: We also called the North Texas Food Bank to find out how they're doing this season and to see what they could do with one lousy buck. (Also not exactly an original idea.)

For $1, you can provide six meals, says Colleen Brinkmann, communications director for the food bank. (We're guessing steak isn't on the menu.) Or you can cover one quarter of the cost of one of the backpacks filled with food that the NTFB passes out to hundreds of needy kids through area schools. Turns out there are lots of children who come to school hungry on Mondays because the last good meal they had was a school lunch on Friday. You could also help the agency deal with a 46 percent increase in the demand for food donations caused by Hurricane Katrina.

"There are a lot of wonderful causes out there," Brinkmann says.

A cause doesn't exactly have to be wonderful to top the Two Guys', but you get the point. Now, if you'll excuse us, Buzz needs to go lie down. Our heart just grew three sizes this day, and it's very annoying. But we're sure it'll shrink back to normal come the new year.


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