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Handsome Is...

Go west, young dandies: Give me an effing break! Gross. These pretentious poseurs ("Girl on Top," by Andrea Grimes, June 29) are the superficial element that gives Dallas a bad name. Get out of here, losers! Go to L.A. We don't want to look at your fake breasts, lips and hair or listen to your incessant ramblings about what you drive, where you live, how much you make or about the model you think you are or are dating. You aren't even hot, by the looks of your Web site, at least not by professional modeling industry standards. Sorry! Get over yourselves! You are an embarrassment to our fair city. Seriously!



Readers respond to Girl on Top, "Sour Town," And Another Thing

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Same old: Beautiful job on The Beautiful Room! Typical Dallas, where parody comes to life. It all reminded me of that movie Zoolander.

Dan Lowenberg

Former Dallasite

Montrose, Colorado

Dim Lights, Small City

You're thinking too much: In your article on the Garland City Council ("Sour Town," June 29), writer Matt Pulle notes that council member Randall Dunning favors allowing airline passengers to be armed, the better to thwart potential terrorist hijackers. Then Mr. Pulle states that "...Dunning is...respected for his intellect..."

Ow. Reading those two thoughts so close together made my head hurt.

Bill Halstead


Cold, cold hearts: I attended a random Garland City Council meeting about two years ago. Talk about cheap entertainment. The mayor walked in and announced he would have no part of some bill they were discussing. I don't remember the topic, but no one will forget him stomping off the stage and walking up the aisle and slamming the door.

I went there asking for Garland to help pay the Garland Power and Light Utility bills that Richardson's Network of Community Ministries was paying out of their own pocket for Garland residents. Nothing happened that night, but months later, the Network was ordered by the city of Garland to send Garland's poor to the Salvation Army.

There was another issue about making a law that would require Garland slumlords to provide air conditioners for all apartments and rent houses. One councilman said it was bad business for such a demand. Maybe instead, a certain percentage of square footage should be air-conditioned. He went on to say that he visited his relative in some freezing state like Wisconsin at Xmas. His relatives heated only their upstairs bedroom at night. He slept in a sleeping bag, good for 32 below zero, out on the back porch and felt quite comfortable. One councilman responded, "Maybe we should require only closets and bathrooms be heated and cooled." That got a real chuckle from the audience.

For those of you Garland residents who are tired of seeing an RV parked out on your neighbor's front lawn, move to Richardson, where I live. We banned them about a year ago.

And for the frustrated Richardson residents who still have an RV parked somewhere else other than Richardson, there's a parking lot at the southwest corner of Yale and Belt Line that allows squatters to park their vehicles. It's been going on for years. So I invite all of you who live in Garland to take advantage of this free lot for RVs and trucks and whatever else you got. It's only about three blocks west of Garland's border. Y'all drive over, and we'll have a big cookout.

Joanne Groshardt


Little light of ours: Your article may not be news to most people who have had contact with this council and city officials, nevertheless it helps enlighten most Garland citizens who choose to ignore actions of these "lunatics" whom they elected. Following the "murder" of our son Esteban (www.4esteban.com) and the inept search and investigation that followed, official complaints and requests for information were sent. All have been ignored. Mr. Dunning, who represents our District 8, was asked to intercede on our behalf. He has also chosen to ignore us. In our investigations of our son's death we have come across criminal activities in our city which were reported; they also have gone ignored. The ties that these individuals have with each other and with fellow city officials are deep and compromise the effectiveness of their roles in city government. Mr. Dunning suffers from the "little man" syndrome. He takes advantage of barking the most in this Garland City Council--unfortunately it is just that and lacks the fortitude to bite.

Bill Salazar


Art for Art's Sake

Money for God's sake: Concerning Salim Nourallah's contribution to Sam M.'s worthless article ("And Another Thing," by Sam Machkovech, June 22), I'm going to let Salim in on a little information: The most successful bands in the music industry are all in debt. It's not about making money; it's about trying to keep your head above water and get your product out to the masses. Jumping onto Sam's bandwagon is a sad attempt at free publicity. Here's a tip, Salim, if you want to be paid more than $10 for playing a club, then promote your damn show and have people line up at the door more than happy to pay the cover charge. That's advice to build your music career on.

Erica Evenson


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