You had your doubts, din't ya?
You had your doubts, din't ya?

Happy Birthday ... To Us!

Seems like just yesterday we hatched this lil' corner of the blogosphere as a Dallasy, sporty catch-all spiced with news, opinions and snarky assholeism.

After 365 days, 755 items and 7,735 comments, how we doin'?

President Obama just got graded on his first 100 days. Knowing full well the risk, today I'm soliciting your votes on the Sportatorium's first year.

We're still on the air, so that's good, right?

In general, seems you guys have a taste for the Cowboys, lists, hot chicks and radio rumblings. Consider this the Sportatorium's suggestion box.

What are you sick of? What do you want to see more of? Are you tired of being asked for your input?

While you ponder that question and accompany me bravely into Year 2, know this:

I am flattered. I am humbled. I am ... getting back to work.


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