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He Schutze, He Scores

Nothing new there: Once again, Jim Schutze strikes like lightning ("Mirror, Mirror," by Jim Schutze, August 16). It's true that coverage of the toll road election by The Dallas Morning News is self-serving, intentionally misleading and intellectually dishonest. Nothing new there. Does James Ragland ever write anything of importance that's actually honest, or is it all just ass-kissing pabulum designed to ingratiate himself to the rich and powerful? On the other hand, I was quite impressed by his cat stories. Now that's journalism. Maybe we can keep them thinking about cats...

The proof that the Trinity project was intentionally misrepresented from the beginning is found in the now infamous court case. You remember, the one in which the city argued, "Yes, we promised you morons all that shiny park stuff, but we have no intention of ever doing anything remotely like that and no obligation to do so. It wasn't in the fine print." They won that case. End of discussion.



The city leaders never intended to fulfill their empty promises, and I was one of the dumbasses that relied on their lies when I voted yes. Now the bourgeoisie elite, the blood-sucking vampires, are coming together for the battle of Armageddon to stave off the revolting peasants. I'll stay tuned. This could be one of the best mud-wrestling matches ever.

William Winston Newbill


Proof: According to Fortunate Son, a controversial biography about our Decider-in-Chief, Dubya looked into a mirror the morning after celebrating his 40th birthday and decided to give up drug use. If true, here is proof that he had a mirror available.

Bryan Rutherford

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State swindle: Sorry, but Bush does not have a mirror.

Also, didn't you write some time back that money to be used for the Trinity River project toll road was coming from state funds that were supposed to work on the Dallas mixmaster? Now, there are some old-looking bridges!

Karen Gebert

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Now I know him: I read a profile about Tony Romo in the Sporting News recently, and I thought I knew him. Then I read your piece ("Romo Holiday," by Richie Whitt, August 9), and wow. It's nice to know Cowboys fans can still get the best coverage of the best team right here in Dallas. Thanks for a great article!

Jake K.

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The funniest thing: Fun article about a fun guy by probably a fun writer. But here's the funniest thing about the Romo story: Why wasn't it in The Dallas Morning News? Why weren't any of the insights in that story known before because of the "great" coverage from Dallas' only daily? How is it that an "alternative paper" with ONE sportswriter outdoes a major metro with a staff of hundreds?


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Travesty of Justice

Horrified: My God. I haven't even finished reading this article ("Chains of Evidence," by Glenna Whitley, August 2), mainly because it is so disturbing and disgusting. Had those stories been set in Mexico or Guatemala, where corruption and injustice are more the norm (my father escaped life in Mexico), I would still be horrified but not nearly as shocked. But here in the Land of the Free, with a justice system designed to perfectly protect the innocent and prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, we've been bypassing the tenets of those ideals and perverting the word "justice."

Rape is a horrible crime, and I feel those who are truly guilty of it should be punished without impunity. However, my faith in the system is now deeply shaken. I cannot begin to imagine the horrors those men faced, being ripped away from their families, dragged through the muck, convicted of a despicable crime they didn't commit and being caged with real, vicious criminals. I might have taken my own life, had I been in their place.

What is Dallas County doing to correct the wrongs imposed upon these men? If we went after the officers and informants responsible for the "billiard busts," then maybe we should look at locking up Hill, Mulder, McDaniel and the others who thought mocking the system was a laughing matter.

Thank God for a beacon of justice like Glenna Whitley.

Manuel Martinez


Ole Again

Hustlers all of them: Ole and his band of hustlers ("Ole Oops," by Glenna Whitley, August 9) need to bring souls to Jesus instead of looking for false clergy if he is a real servant of the Lord, and the news media need to report unbiased, non-tilted news. All of the print media, TV media and "drive-by" sensationalistic reporters need to go sell shoes. My late mother used to wrap the kitchen garbage in the newspaper until the '60s, when the paper included its own garbage with no room for the household stuff. Yellow journalism will be the death of the free press as we have known it. I hope Brother Price cleans their plow!

"Joe Christian"

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Special Note

In last week's issue, there were a couple of references to the sound problems at Suede during the Dallas Observer Music Awards Nominees Showcase ("Burn, Baby, Burn" and "And Another Thing," Jonanna Widner, August 16). These sound problems were fixed early in the evening and, after a short interruption, the music fans at Suede were treated to several great performances.

We in the Promotions Department at the Dallas Observer were ultimately responsible for the logistics at the event, including the sound. We worked with each venue to coordinate the necessary equipment and personnel, and therefore any sound problems that occurred were a result of a miscommunication, and we share that responsibility. Suede does actually host live music on a fairly regular basis (including the Dallas Observer Concert Series on the last Thursday of every month)...and they do it very well. If you've got any doubt about that, you should come out on Thursday, August 30, for this month's concert, featuring Speedtrucker and Boys Named Sue. See you there!

Dallas Observer Promotions Department


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