Head Coach Jerry Jones? We're Closer Than Ever.

Since the day he arrived at Valley Ranch in 1989 Jerry Jones has been in charge of well, you remember, everything from socks and jocks.

But this morning on his weekly visit with me and Newy Scruggs on 105.3 The Fan Jerry - more unequivocal, more crystal clear and more adamant than ever - reiterated that the flow chart of authority at Valley Ranch begins and ends with him. And, yes, that includes playing time, depth charts and everything in the front office and in between the lines.

I asked a rudimentary question of Jones: If a player needs to be demoted it's ultimately the head coach's decision, right?

Oh, Jerry?

"Let's just say this, the decision is made a lot of times ... the agreements call for the GM ultimately to make decisions. If not, the only one that can overrule the GM is the owner. Period. And that's always been the way it's been for 20 years."

Jerry continued to say things like "I'm 40 feet away from anything that goes on out here" and he controls "anything and everything."

We always knew it was Jerry's franchise. And it should be, he's JumboJerry for crying out loud.

But I've been covering this team for 20 years and I'm surprised that Jerry said he can, has and will continue to ride herd over who plays how much on the Dallas Cowboys' football field.




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