Larry James, president and CEO of Central Dallas Ministries

Headstart for Unhappiness

Over on his blog today, Central Dallas Ministries president and CEO Larry James links to a story in The Wall Street Journal last week, about studies that reveal head injuries as a "factor in some social ills." But what's noteworthy is something James reveals concerning a conversation he had with Dr. Joel Feiner, a professor of psychiatry at UT Southwestern Medical School and the medical director of the Comprehensive Homeless Center at the Dallas Veterans Affairs Medical Center, which we mentioned last week.

Writes James: "[Feiner] told me that 85% of his homeless patients suffer from post traumatic stress disorder as a result of traumatic experiences prior to their entry into military service. Most were abused as children." In other words, James says, "As with just about everything human, kindness and understanding go a long way in leading us toward correct and effective responses to our neighbors who suffer and live in great difficulty through no fault of their own." --Robert Wilonsky


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