Hide the Kitchen Knives and Reach for the Sun

Looks like the great white robes got a shout-out from Rolling Stone. Odd timing for the Polyphonic Spree's forthcoming album, which is due out this summer, but, hey, take what you can get, right? Stranger still, the pAper chAse, cited not only as "punk" but also a "trio," may get more out of the article than the Spree (despite those pesky factual errors). Much of the short piece lauds the producing skills of the pAper chAse's frontman John Congleton, currently at the recording helm of the Spree's upcoming The Fragile Army.

We're just glad RS reporter Jolie Lash didn't leave out that bit about the Spree's fashion plans. Three words: Need. To. Know. --Merritt Martin


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