Dinner, anyone?
Dinner, anyone?

How I Spent My Saturday: Piggin' Out on Food and Fightin'

Since I'm technically on vacation, allow me to make this short and sweet, and visual.

First, I spent my afternoon watching college football and, you guessed it, eating some cooked pig. Yes, that's a Coors Light can in its mouth and, yes, the guy who prepared the pig (the secret, believe it or not, is coconut milk) is the same buddy who serves up yummy Chinese at Chan's locations across the Metroplex. 

Poor oinker. I heard he died of ...

Swine flu.

Then Saturday night I trekked to American Airlines Center for some UFC. My column on the event will appear in this week's dead tree version of the Dallas Observer, but I'll give you a sneak preview.

Good sport. Great spectacle. And, oh yeah, ring girls = Hot.

Dinner, anyone? Wait. What?
Dinner, anyone? Wait. What?


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