Ice Your Ball

Ice Your Ball

I won't pretend to know whether this is The Real Deal, but an eBay'er with much positive feedback is selling -- for the low, low price of $2,000, so far -- what he says is a football signed by the entirety of the 1967 Dallas Cowboys roster. Which means, yes, Bob Lilly, Don Meredith, Bob Hayes, Hall of Famers Rayfield Wright and Mel Renfro, Lee Roy Jordan, Walt Garrison, North Dallas Forty author Pete Gent and the rest of the gridiron immortals to strap it on and freeze it off at Lambeau Field on New Year's Eve 1967 for the Ice Bowl. Get it before November 29, and it'll make a great conversation piece during the Cowboys-Packers showdown next week, if nothing else. --Robert Wilonsky

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