If Delonte West's Twitter Rant Doesn't Bring Deron Williams to the Mavs, Nothing Will

Delonte West. The man speaks the truth.
Delonte West. The man speaks the truth.

So the Mavs have a very legitimate shot at landing the NBA's top free agent, current New Jersey Net Deron Williams. This is his hometown. His mother lives here. The entire city would go apeshit if he took his talents to Victory Park. That hasn't yet definitively tipped the scales in our favor, what with Jay-Z and a Russian oligarch and Brooklyn calling, but D-town has a secret weapon, something that will tip the scales in our favor: Delonte West, who is awesome.

Last night, 'round midnight, Delonte took to Twitter to court the former Colony star:

You hear that, Deron? Delonte's gotcha. All you've got to do is come back home. We'll get your old bedroom ready.

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