If EXCO's CEO Douglas Miller Is Interested in Buying the Dallas Stars, He Sure Ain't Saying

A little while ago, The Hockey News reported that a new bidder for the Dallas Stars has emerged -- and that it's none other than EXCO Resources' chairman and CEO Douglas Miller, whose "offer is believed to be for about $110 million cash, but it would likely be publicly announced as somewhere in the $225 million range," reports Ken Campbell, noting the accumulated debt and years' worth of losses. (Miller, you may recall, along with company director T. Boone Pickens proposed taking EXCO private last November in a deal worth around $4 billion.) Campbell also suggests that Miller's bid may be nothing more than an effort to drive up the price tag, should Mark Cuban actually have an interest.

I called Miller's office on Merit Drive this morning, just to see if he had anything to say on the subject. His assistant went to ask. She returned to the phone, said he was in a meeting, but did want to make one thing clear: "He said he is not talking to the press about anything."


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