In Dallas, a Dubya Reunion! Already?

In Dallas, a Dubya Reunion! Already?
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This just in from The New York Times: George W. Bush is throwing a reunion in Dallas next week ... and you're not invited. Alas, this is what the guest list looks like as the former president gets the gang back together for a dinner at the house on Monday and a policy institute confab Tuesday: Condoleezza Rice, Karen Hughes, Dan Bartlett, Michael Gerson, Dr. Mark R. Dybul and Yuval Levin. But, sorry, Dick Cheney ain't coming. Also, looks like Schutze ain't run into the ex-president yet:

While unpopular in other parts of the country, Mr. Bush has been welcomed home warmly by Texas. He received a standing ovation at the Rangers game this week, and, in posts online, the people he has encounters on the Dallas Off Road Bicycle Association trails have gushed about meeting him.

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