In Dallas, Everything Old Is New Again

In Dallas, Everything Old Is New Again

What a happy coincidence: Today over on Renegade Bus, Joan Arbery and New York-based architect and planner Hans Roegele had quite the spirited back-and-forth over the Woodall Rodgers Deck Park and whether it will turn the Arts District into a neighborhood, as Arbery insists, or whether it's just "an urban gesture [that] amounts to a band-aid, restoring past mistakes," as Roegele calls it.

So happens that just yesterday, friend of the show Justin Cozart posted to Flickr the image you see above: a 1967 model for Woodall Rodgers Freeway, which doesn't look so different from the design on the official deck park Web site. Asks Justin, matter of fact, "Hey, is that a park?" Ask Hans.

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