In Oak Cliff, Reclaiming Seventh Street?

Bike Friendly Oak Cliff sends word this morning of a plan intended to turn Seventh Street into a "pedestrian/bicycle boulevard." It's among several bits of heads-up offered this morning, along with further promise of pedicabs courtesy Eno's.

Heads of Winnetka Heights home owners association, local business owners, and property owners are working with BFOC to develop Dallas first "pilot" pedestrian/bicycle boulevard along Seventh Street, connecting the Winnetka neighborhood with the Bishop Arts District. The street was the former trolley line, and is dotted with local hotspots such as the Turner House, the soon-to-be-opened Nova tapas/bicycle gastro pub, the Kessler Theatre, Seventh and Tyler Arts District, Bolsa (which was just listed in GQ as one of the top 10 new restaurants in the nation), and ending in Bishop Arts. The route will also be the spine of the area's pedicab route, which will be used to mitigate parking issues for visitors wanting to experience the area.


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