Marc Cassel of Park
Marc Cassel of Park
Danny Fulgencio

In This Morning's New York Times, A Tip o' the Hat to "Buzzy," "Interesting" Dallas

Skip to Page 98 of The New York Times Style Magazine that came with this morning's paper -- that's where you'll find "Tex Mix" by Sandra Ballentine, a single page of what's in in Dallas, "this much-misunderstood town" where "most fillies wouldn't be caught dead with big hair." Ballentine sorts through eight "buzzy nightspots" and "interesting shops," which are: Grange Hall, Ceylone et Cie, The Joule, Cabana, Forty Five Ten, Tei-An, V.O.D. and Park, where "you haven't lived until you've tasted the chicken-fried steak."I wouldn't go that far, but, still, one of the more thorough and thoughtful to-do-Dallas lists offered by an outsider (Ballentine is the magazine's beauty and style director -- fancy).


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