In Vegas, a Dallas Fugitive is Arrested Due to a Channel 4 Viewer's Tip

The Las Vegas media this morning is touting the arrest of a man wanted in connection with an October 24 shooting in South Dallas: Kevin Jermaine Davis, who was picked up by law enforcement officials only last night. Davis had a whole posse after him: the U.S. Marshals Service's Nevada Fugitive Investigative Strike Team, as well as North Las Vegas and Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Departments. And taking the credit for the arrest is KDFW-Channel 4, which, on its Web site, says that "the Dallas Forth Worth Fugitive Apprehension Strike Team has captured one of DFW's Most Wanted -- Kevin Davis -- thanks to tip from a FOX 4 viewer," who recently phoned in with a clue to Davis's whereabouts that the Fox affiliate then passed along to marshals. --Robert Wilonsky


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