In Which Joule's Tim Headington Speaks Vaguely About Downtown Expansion

Earlier this month, we got all we (thought we) needed out of the DowntownDallas annual luncheon at the Sheraton -- that new logo, which, no kidding, is starting to grow on me. But I went over to the DSpotters' Web site this morning to look for something else and found this instead: the 2009 annual report, which is augmented with several embedded video presentations. Some of those shorts, as I understand it, were shown during the lunch, but none appear to be have been looked at since they were posted over the last couple of weeks.

As the report's a bit on the slow-loading side, here's a compendium of all the videos. And, at top, you'll find the first part of Joule-keeper (and low-profile-keeper) Tim Headington's conversation with Shelle Sills, vice president and general manager of Neiman Marcus's downtown location. During their chat, he speaks, kind of, about what he's up to downtown -- and brings up a subject occasionally mentioned by the Friends of Unfair Park: what he plans to do with the Mercantile's mosaics.


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