Intelligent Design for Living Here

Intelligent Design for Living Here

A Friend of Unfair Park sends word that in June, the Institute for Creation Research relocated its headquarters to Dallas, all the way from California. And, no, it's certainly not Big, Big News -- say, Comerica big -- and the ICR has had an office in Dallas for several months, the Henry M. Morris Center for Christian Leadership. But as our Friends reminds us:

The ICR is a major player in the national debate over teaching evolution vs. creationism. The group is particularly influential among "young Earth creationists" -- the ones who believe Earth is a just a few thousand years old. ... The State Board of Education here is about to take up a revision of the state's science curriculum standards for public schools. I figure the ICR will try to participate in that process.

Hope they're not moving here just to be close to SMU. But, really, how many times do I have to tell you, Friends -- these e-mails should go directly to Bible Girl. --Robert Wilonsky

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