Shame on you.
Shame on you.

Introducing ... Prick Carlisle

In case you haven't noticed, the Dallas Mavericks' new head coach is Prick Carlisle.

His weekly radio shows with The Ticket's Norm Hitzges have gotten progressively less insightful and decreasingly courteous. And last night he turned down right surly with ESPN Radio's Chuck Cooperstein.

For no reason.

On the Mavs' pre-game show Coop asked Prick Carlisle an innocuous, astute question about there being warts in the team's two-point victory over injury-depleted Detroit earlier this week. In an interview with the voice of his team and on the radio station of his team, Prick Carlisle repsonded with a derisive, mocking and condescending laugh, followed by ...

"Look, we won the game ... let's move on."

And then ...

Prick Carlise got ejected from Thursday's loss in Atlanta.

I guess losing three of four this time of year will sour your mood. Or perhaps reveal your character?


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