It Was Packed the Night They Lit Up Downtown For Christmas. But That Was a Month Ago ...

Like I said one long month ago, the kick-off to CityLights 2011 was

quite the spectacular-spectacular

-- though till I saw the freshly minted video above, I had no idea how spectacular. (Like,


spectacular -- like


of late in this town.) We arrived shortly after Santa zipped down his zip line (which, I believe, is first referenced in Isaiah 14:12-14) and the metallic Christmas tree was emblazoned with fireworks (


out of Norman Rockwell).

But that was a month ago, and since then ...? Last few times I've driven through downtown at night it's been business as usual -- which is to say, not a creature was stirring. I've told more than few Folks in Charge they should do what Friend of Unfair Park Oak Cliff Townie suggested: "a festival of old Christmas movies at the Majestic," for starters. I was told: Great idea! And ...? "Maybe next year." Humbug.


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