It's a Fine Line...Well, Was, Actually

Our old pal Cindy Chaffin, founder of and recently the master of The Fine Line, is calling it quits for a few reasons. Seems she's burned out (which has never stopped us). Seems she figures there are enough local-music blogs to go around. Seems she might be leaving Dallas due to some unexpected family issues that have cropped up. Like I said, plenty of reasons to go 'round.

Hate to see Cindy and The Fine Line go; she's good people, people. Still, she writes: "Don't delete the link just yet. Since I may be traveling back and forth on I-35 most weekends, I may detail my adventures, record live shows from the road. I'm also seriously contemplating covering a genre of music that is not getting a lot of blog attention, much less an audio/video presence. I'll letcha know. Plus, I'll have full SXSW coverage on March." So consider this a temporary hiatus. And who doesn't need one of those every now and then. --Robert Wilonsky


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