Jerry Jones Gives John McCain Money. Not Much, But Some.

Gary Griffith -- and Tom Hicks, come to think of it -- may be all for Rudy Giuliani, but Jerry Jones is backing John McCain. So reports the Associated Press today, as it thumbs through the presidential candidates' first-quarter finance reports and discovers that the Dallas Cowboys owner gave $2,300 to McCain's campaign. (The other "notable donor" to McCain's campaign: novelist Richard North Patterson, who kicked in a whopping thou.)

It's paltry, legally maxed out donations like that that have left McCain scrambling for dough: According to The Washington Post today, McCain's presidential campaign has already used up some $8 million during the first three months of the year, which means he's got only $5 mil, more or less, left in the bank -- or less than half the cash remaining for the rest of the GOP frontrunners. So looks like you may have to go deep, Jerry -- or, at least, deeper. --Robert Wilonsky


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