Jerry Jones: Super Bowl or Bust

Remember back in San Antonio, when the Dallas Cowboys started training camp with lowered expectations? Um, nix that.

Then: "As you know, I've drawn back a lot of nubs after reaching out there with some pretty high predictions. I think we've learned something about lofty expectations."

Now: Super Bowl or bust.

This morning on 105.3 The Fan myself and Newy Scruggs asked Jerry about this year's expectations.

"I wanna ask you a question," Jones boomeranged back to us. "How did you predict we would finish last year?"

Of course, I wrote a Dallas Observer column basically stating "Super Bowl or bust." Newy, turns out, aired a one-hour special on NBC5 entitled "Tampa Bay or Bust."


"I have hope and feel that we are a team where you could pull that program out, put it back on the air, pull it out of the achieves archives and stick it back up there."

That, my friends, is why Jones is the greatest marketer in the history of professional sports.

If you're moved to make reservations, Super Bowl XLIV is February 7, 2010 in Miami.


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