Jerry Seinfeld and NBC Are Looking for Locals to Play Real-Life Battling Bickersons

If you're headed downtown for the CityArts Celebration this weekend and have also considered a career in reality-television humiliation, then someone has dipped their chocolate in your peanut butter. And by someone, I mean NBC, which has just sent word that Friday (from 6 to 9 p.m.) and Saturday (from 2 to 8 p.m.) the network will have a booth set up in front of The Crow Collection of Asian Art to accept applications from couples interested in appearing on The Marriage Ref, which happens to be a Jerry Seinfeld production.

And do you and your significant other fit the bill? Which is to say, are you a part of a long-term "outgoing and opinionated couple ... willing to appear on national television and have a long-standing argument or issue that must be resolved"? Or: "Does your partner do things like withhold sex after a fight?" The gag is "celebrities, comedians and sports stars candidly comment, judge and decide who's right and who's wrong in real-life disputes between real-life spouses." Though you should watch out, as this is a network that still considers Tom Green and Joan Rivers celebrities. Further details here, including instructions on how to get yourself an application.

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